Monday, January 14, 2013

Community Cooling & Heating Inc. Ft Myers, Florida

Community Cooling and Heating Inc.
Fort Myers, Fl.

An air conditioning service and repair company's reputation for honesty, reliability, and integrity is one of it's most vital assets!  Community Cooling & Heating Inc. in Ft Myers, Florida has been serving the community it is a part of for over 40 years by focusing on their clients needs, and what is best for them in the long run.  Their business model has been to deliver top quality service, at a fair price, while building trust and a personal relationship with their customers.  As a relatively small, family owned business they serve their clients with compassion and consideration regarding the maintenance and repair of their a/c equipment.

Larger companies are operating a big "money sucking" machine!  When you  have 12 - 15- or even 20 trucks on the road every day there are a lot of expenses!

Truck Stock
Company Lettering
Vehicle Maintenance

Not to mention the cost associated with the employees that operate and ride in the vehicle!!!

When a big A/C company shows up at your door too often their focus is on generating some cash flow.  Even if the problem is easily fixed, and the parts that need replacing are inexpensive ... or if no parts are required, some will attempt to "up sell" you, or charge you an extra fee for the service call, or tell you you have a more serious problem than you actually do!  They have to generate cash flow because ...

... their operating expenses for a month total tens of thousands of dollars!!!

Community Cooling & Heating, as a small family owned business has always managed their finances intelligently, and focused on customer service as opposed to company growth in order to be able to offer their services at a fair and reasonable price!

Low overhead means less cost to you!

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Air Conditioning Service And Repair In Ft Myers Florida

 Air Conditioning Service Ft Myers by Community Cooling & Heating
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